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Liaison Office on Mandate Basis

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Swiss, European and Chinese companies

Our customers’ challenges

China / Europe might have huge potential, but what chances do European / Chinese products and services have in this highly competitive and regulated market? Many companies’ have paid too high a price in finding out. How can companies overcome their challenges and systematically develop the Chinese / European markets step by step? How are intercultural barriers successfully managed? Are there alternatives to founding a local subsidiary company? What time frames need to be considered? Who are strategic partners and clients? We support our clients to find the answer.

Our services

With our methods we efficiently and systematically analyse industries and companies in China and Europe. We leverage our extensive network to find the right partners. We develop marketing strategies and market plans. Based on thorough business plans we provide customized organisational planning and resource allocation. Our «Liaison Office» provides an easy market entry and efficient operational solution at reasonable cost.

Our offer

Competitor, regulatory and industry analysis, fact-finding-missions, search for qualified bilingual staff, marketing strategies, establishment of marketing and sales structures, strategic partner search, business plans, set up of liaison office: address in China or Europe, presence with own Chinese / European project managers, marketing and sales activities, systematic development of own structures as a matrix organisation, continuous business development.

Market Entry in Europe and China

Market entry in China and Europe



Our Scope of Activities is divided in 3 general groups:

Start-Up Enabling

Government and Business

         At home in both worlds

Regional development and location marketing

Market entry in China and Europe

Start-Up Enabling


Analysis, Conception, Feasibility Studies

Business Strategy, Business Plan, Market Entry

Operation and Investments


Government Organisations, Private Enterprises, Associations



Service provider at the interface of government and business in Switzerland and in China


About 40 economists, political scientists, engineers and communication specialists

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